Thursday, November 18, 2010


Writing a novel can be fun, and then it can be lots of work following.  Storytelling is an artform and requires a lot of time, studying, research and thought.  Putting it on paper takes daily effort, and then the work begins.  The rewrites are even fun, and the one liners and query letters are a little more challenging, but the hardest for me are the synopses. 
Turning a novel into a five-to-six page synopsis is a bear.  Getting it right is the biggest challenge I have found.  Even though I dislike writing synopses, I am determined to get the seven pages I have down to five or six.  I don't think they will fault me on six. 
Learning the "ins" and "outs" of writing has been a challenge, but I am willing and determined to get it right.
I will succeed.  I will overcome my fears.  I will be published someday.
If anyone has a comment about an easy way to write a synopsis, please feel free to direct me to the best method.  BRING IT TO THE TABLE.   I am certainly willing to listen.  The best conversations and lessons are learned and spoken around the Table, the Pool Table that is.

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