Tuesday, January 11, 2011

BRING IT TO THE TABLE 28 "Writing is the Key"

Platforming is important, but the time spent on the internet can be detrimental by taking away quality time for writing.  Pacing yourself is important by setting goals to the amount of time you will spend writing each day and the amount on facebook, emails, twitter, etc.  Keep your goals in mind, and even get a friend or family member you trust to help keep you on the straight and narrow each day.  Be willing to pay a price if you should venture from your goal. 
How important is writing to you?  Our time is precious and it's important to stay on track. Keep on writing and spend your time wisely.  Success comes from good time management.  Writing is a business, and if you are writing for success, then do what it takes to become successful.  Work hard, but enjoy the journey. 
Eventually, the door will open when the time is right for you.  I trully believe that.
If you have any comments, come on, BRING IT TO THE TABLE.  I would love hearing from you.  

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