Saturday, July 16, 2011


Moving along...finally getting settled.  YES!!!  Writing is back on my agenda everyday for five hours a day minimum, and I am once again seeing progress.  Book One is now complete.  The myriad of rewrites has come to an end.  I even feel it.  I can say, "It's finished!"  What an awesome feeling.  Now the querying process begins.

It has been a long two years with lots of interruptions.  Getting a daughter off to college across the country, then said daughter calls and is getting married to a great young man from across country and the wedding plans begin.  Then after 3 receptions to reach all the friends and family across the nation, we are broke and recuperating.  Then our home we live in finally sells and the great move from hell begins.  Within this two year period, I have managed to write my first novel and rewrite it several times. 

One hundred and twenty thousand words later, it is a done deal.  My last rewrite removed 30,000 words.  What a challenge that was.  Learning to rewrite and cut that many words was the most difficult thing to do, but I did it, and I worked on building the subplots stronger in the process. 

It has been a long road of progression and I loved every minute of the learning process.  I wouldn't trade a thing I've learned and will continue to learn the more I write.  I love writing.  I have found my passion, and have enjoyed the journey; the journey into the world of imagination and fiction; the journey of gaining wisdom in the writing process; the journey of learning the publishing part of the business, and the platforming. 

The journey of knowledge is the most awesome part of it all.  I love gaining knowledge, and feeding my brain and pushing myself to my limits.  I love losing sleep when I'm writing, and when I can't stop the flow of thoughts and words on the page.  Some days I had to force myself to stop after writing for more than 20 hours straight.

What an awesome life it is to write and live in another world while creating a novel.  If my novel never goes anywhere, I can still say, "I enjoyed the journey."  I traversed the roads of excitement and fun.  If you have to work, then you might as well work doing something you love.  My passion is writing, so tell me what is yours?

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