Friday, March 30, 2012

School, Home, Writing, Family (Ahhhh!!! Where Does It Begin, Where Does it End!)

Priorities!  School, family, home, writing, and the list can continue for miles.  We all have them, lists and priorities.  The list grows each day as you procrastinate what really needs to be done.  Then the priorities increase in size and then you are overwhelmed and don't know where to start.  Confused yet?  I am.

I've been away for so long this month, and I've come home to yard work, pool work, house work, blogging, writing (sequel).  Grown children who hate you because you don't have time to devote to them and their needs, wants and desires (a full-time grandmother, glorified baby-sitter, all-around mom, chief, cook, bottle-washer). Stay tuned, that's another story.

Back to Priorities.  I'm so overwhelmed today, I'm losing my mind, and the work isn't getting done, because I'm online venting about all I have to do, and the list grows as I sit here and type.

I want to be immortal.  I don't want to have to sleep, eat, or anything that follows the two.  I want to exercise, write, play, write and keep on doing the things that bring me joy (more writing).  But, and there it is the great big BUT.  But, I have to eat, have to sleep (yuck), have to, have to, have to do a million things that take me away from the one thing I enjoy the most, WRITING!

SO, I bid you adieu.  Until my list shortens, I am out of commission, finished, done, overdone.

Prioritize, how do you do that, when everything needs to be done NOW.  Where to begin!  Tell me!  One thing at a time, that's a joke.  If you saw my list, you'd run.  So go ahead, RUN!  Because you know what, I'm just gonna take it one thing at a time, and I'll be back some time in the near future, maybe even before I die.  Happy Blogging!

By the way, even though life sucks sometimes, I still love my life and wouldn't trade it for.....well, maybe if you....nah, still not then.

Take me away, to a place...Hey isn't that a song?  
Does anyone have a sailboat I could borrow for the rest of my life?

Gotta get busy!  Have a great weekend, everyone!


Krista McLaughlin said...

You can do it! :)

Lauren W. said...

I feel your pain! I too am trying to carve out time for writing in my crazy, hectic, everything-comes-before-me life. I panic that I might never get that third book out if I can't find some time.

The only thing that works for me is to devote time to all of the critical things — anything else can wait. Still, that doesn't leave me with much time for writing, but I keep telling myself that someday I'll get that time.

Hang in there!

KSCollier said...

Thanks Krista for the encouragement.

Wow Lauren. I hate wallowing, but it sure is nice to know I'm not the only one in the mire struggling. Thanks for letting me know this. Good luck to you too! I think we both need a little magic in our lives.

Sarah Pearson said...

Aww, I hope you can get yourself back on an even keel. Finding a balance is so tough, isn't it?

Heather Spiva said...

Maybe more blogging will help? Maybe not... Greetings from a fellow A to Z blogger. :)

KSCollier said...

Thanks, Sarah. I actually pulled through, but still lots more to do. I have accomplished way more then I thought I would.

KSCollier said...

Hi Heather. It's nice to meet you. I survived the weekend and accomplished almost everything on my list, but I didn't get write. I'm going to stop blogging for awhile in order to finish my second book. I love to blog, but well, priorities right?