Thursday, April 5, 2012

Dumb Dorky Dabbling Dufus

"That dumb dorky dabbling dufus!" Daphne yelled, as she picked herself up from another trap set by her younger brother, David.

David enjoyed agitating Daphne on a daily basis.  He would spend hours trying to think up ways he could set traps to ensnare her. 

Today was the last straw, and Daphne vowed to get revenge.

David had dug a hole a foot in diameter and placed a plastic bag full of red jello and covered it with a thin, top layer of grass.  He disguised the hole so well, that she had not noticed it as she walked across the yard chattering on her cell.  She stepped and sank immediately to her shin, sending her books and cell phone flying across the yard.  After collecting her senses, she pulled her foot out of the gooey hole and found her brand new flip flops and her leg stained from the red jello.

"You are going to die for this.  I promise you, David, I will kill you.  I know you hear me."  Daphne heard snickering coming from behind the bushes.  She slowly pulled herself up, and retrieved her books and phone, ignoring him.

In the rush to catch the bus the next morning, David grabbed his jacket and threw it on, not noticing the sign made out of an old T-shirt of dads glued to the back.   It read, "David is a dumb, dorky, dabbling dufus, love your sister, Daphne.

He spent the most miserable day ever in school.  David never played tricks on Daphne again.  The kids in school ribbed him for weeks to follow.  The moral of the story, "Don't mess with your sister, she may not kill you, but she will get even."


Donna Shields said...

Lol,that's the truth!

Sarah Pearson said...

Never mess with an older sibling!

KSCollier said...

So true! Hehehe