Monday, April 9, 2012

H is for Helicopter Heroes

Hank, John, and the rest of the crew raced for the helicopter in response to an emergency call.  A boat had capsized off the coast and time was essential.

"What's our estimated time of arrival, John?"  Hank asked.

"Twenty minutes."

Hank turned to see that the guys were prepared and ready to do what they were trained for.  With a thumbs up, they all responded.

Hovering over the capsized boat, a quick assessment was made, and the men went into action.  Two crew members jumped into the water while Hank lowered the basket to water level.  The twenty foot waves hindered the rescue. 

The men in the water swam to the desperate family clinging to one another for survival.  Exhaustion played a big part in that survival and they didn't have the energy to exert to swim for the basket.  Time fleeted as the winds picked up, and the wave sizes increased.

One of the crew members ripped the youngest child from the mom and swam to the basket, while the mom swam behind him in desperation.  The two were hoisted to safety.  The two teens were next and the father waited.  Once they were safely aboard, the father swam towards the two men as a huge wave washed him further away from them.

The crew were now exhausted, but instinct led one crewman to go after him.  The father began to sink as all his reserve strength was exhausted.  About ten feet down, the other swimmer dove below to retrieve him.  Grabbing him by the hair, he pulled him to the surface.  The team had decided to move the helicopter and positioned the basket over the fatigued men.  They hoisted the father into the basket and waited in the water while he had been secured.

Fuel time reached the red zone, and the two crewmen leaped into the basket together.  They swung in the air, as the helicopter had to take off while they dangled below.  Slowly the threads on the wire snapped as they continued to raise them.  Now, a thousand yards above the water, the men on board pulled their team aboard seconds before the wires snapped.  The doors now closed, the men were safe.

"Let's go home, John," Hank yelled.

John didn't want to scare them, but he knew it would take a miracle to get them home.


Sarah Pearson said...

Oh, I hope that miracle came from somewhere!

Laura Marcella said...

Hello, KS! Whew, this is intense. I wouldn't wish this frightening situation on anyone. I hope they get that miracle!!

Have a great week and happy A to Z!!

Sabrina A. Fish said...

Oh! I hope they make it. Great piece.

Checking in from A to Z.

KSCollier said...

Thanks Sarah, Laura and Sabrina for your wonderful comments.