Friday, April 13, 2012

L is for Luscious The Lynx

"Luscious, Lus....cious, Lus....cious, where are you?" Shelley called.  "You dumb cat! Now I'm late for work."

Shelley lived in a small home on twelve acres of lush green forest that she had inherited from her grandparents.  Her family consisted of Luscious the Lynx and herself.

Obviously abandoned by his mother, Luscious was taken in as a small kitten and raised as a pet.  His beautiful orange fur had several rings of a lighter shade with a few brown spots, and he had a white beard that extended on both sides of his chin. His eyes were as yellow-green as the inside a large ripened lime.

Shelley walked into the dining room and heard a low, throaty purr, and she knew right away he was asleep.  She spotted his knobby tail jutting out past the chair arm with one foot hanging over the edge of the seat.

Earlier with her hands full, she had left the front door ajar as she carried her things to the car.  When she returned, Luscious was not on the sofa where he'd been.  After searching room to room, she found him sound asleep and safe.

"What a scare you gave me, you silly boy," she said, bending to kiss him goodbye.

He opened his luscious green eyes, and kissed his owner, his rough tongue sliding along her cheek.

"Mmm, I wish I could stay home with you," Shelley purred.

Once in her car, she drove down the long icy stretch of road, thinking of her warm, cozy home.  She couldn't wait to get back and snuggle with a hot cup of cocoa and her Lynx named Luscious.


Anonymous said...

What a cute story! I always hate leaving a sleeping cat, especially when they are sleeping on my feet and keeping me warm :)

xoxo Lloralye @ Adorning Schemes A to Z

C.M.Brown said...

Nice story, I like the name Luscious for the lynx.

KSCollier said...

Thanks for your comments and for liking the story. I would love to have a lynx for a pet.