Monday, April 23, 2012

T is for Tommie and Telepathic

T is for Tommie, the main character in my book, The Veil.  She is the youngest in her family and only ten minutes younger than her fraternal twin, William.

Tommie and William were born eighteen years ago to Jack and Ruth Lanier.  The twins are a peculiar pair...strange actually.  Many twins have a bond between them that goes beyond 'the norm.'  For Tommie and Will this bond extends to the outer limits of weird with their telepathic abilities.  They can hear each others thoughts (no one else) and have since they were old enough to communicate.  Over the years, they've managed to keep the secret between the two of them.

Ruth, their mother, noticed they acted curious at times, but never pinned it down to telepathy.  Never in her wildest dreams would she have thought her twins could read each others minds.  The strange things they did over the years, Ruth imputed to the fact they were twins, they were close, and they loved each other.  Even as babies they needed to be near one another.  As the years passed their closeness had been altered by separate bedrooms, but for the past eighteen years they have been inseparable.

Being of opposite sexes poses a whole litany of problems as they age.  It opens their minds to understanding the way the male or female mind thinks.  They understand and know things about the opposite sex before most of their peers.  Of course, it helps them to be a little more understanding of each other, and they've learned to use music as their distraction when they need privacy.

William and Tommie both have made a conscious effort to appear normal.  The thought of anyone ever knowing freaks them out, so they have committed to their secrecy.  Not even their four older brothers connect the dots.

Tommie's intentions are always good, but she finds herself repeatedly in the right place at the wrong time.  She thinks she is tough like her brothers, and has a very protective nature, when really it's her brothers constantly having to protect her.

Tommie's feminine side surfaces when she meets Doug, and feelings stir that she has kept under check throughout her high school years.  She has held boys at arms length because of Will and Tommie's telepathic abilities.  I mean, like, who wants your brother in your head while you're on a date, right?  Therefore, she and William have always done activities in groups with their friends.

The story takes place in Maui, Hawaii.  Of course, I haven't told you anything to spoil the book.  It's a young adult paranormal romance full of adventure along with the difficult situations of typical eighteen-year-old teenagers coming into their own.  The right of passage to adulthood is not such an easy path, and Tommie's journey has just begun.

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Kate Larkindale said...

Ah... the telepathic twin thing. It's quite a phenomenon.