Friday, August 10, 2012

Love, Love, Love Stephenie Meyer and J. K. Rowling

Stephenie has been such an inspiration to so many people.  She has achieved so much in the last ten years.  Her story-telling abilities are awesome.  Her writing flows naturally.  Like her, there are so many great authors out there waiting to be discovered. 

She began at a time when the window of opportunity was at its peak.  Her luck, along with her great story, landed her right on top.  Her talents led her to even greater horizons as she entered the world of production and movie making.

Stephenie became a world famous author-producer overnight, but not without a lot of hard work and support from her family. Having a support system in your back pocket is a key component to achieving success.  She comes from a wonderful family with wonderful values and it emanates from her soft-spoken words, and her humility towards people.

With all the glory comes sacrifice, along with critics and those who are jealous.  I've heard so many people criticize her work, and, yet, look where she is today.  I remember when Harry Potter first came out, mothers gathered together in our area and refused to allow their children to read her books.  They made statements like, "they are evil, and she worships devils, and has evil spells in her books." 

With all the negative remarks people make when someone is climbing the ladder to success, it always makes me laugh to see their stupidity surface, or their jealousy at their success.  I loved the Harry Potter series and found them most entertaining, and I loved the Twilight series. 

Instead of greed or selfish remarks, I truly believe we should learn from their success mixed with a bit of fortune, and be happy for those who succeed.  It never ceases to amaze me how some people's greed for success holds them back and stagnates any chances they may have had to succeed. That negative attitude only attracts negative friends and those negative vibes send those who are positive running for a more sunnier environment.

We can all climb the rope to success by cheering each other on, putting out the helping hand, and assisting where needed; whether through editing, reviewing, writing encouraging remarks, or whatever we can to help one another to succeed.  No one gets anywhere in this world without the help of someone.

So it is, writers, when you have a moment, say a kind word, lend a listening ear; critique, advertise, support your fellow bloggers, writers, who share like standards.  We all work hard, and we understand the process is not easy, but a little kindness goes a long away.  Encourage, don't discourage is my motto.  I've seen eyes light up and smiles spread across young faces and older faces when encouraging words are spoken, and I've seen what teachers can do to others by making negative remarks, especially a child. 

A little love goes a long way in a child's world, and an encouraging word can turn a child's life around and give them hope.  This same thought applies to anyone, young or old.

Believe in what you do, and you will succeed.   Hope for the best, and you will succeed.  Help others along the way, and you will succeed.  Endure, and you will succeed. 

To all the Stephenie's, J.K. Rowling's, Charles Dickens', Melville's, Faulkner's, Hemingway's, Stephen King's, John Locke's, Amanda Hocking's, and many more greats out there, may you find your voice and write that amazing novel that leads you to the success you desire. I'm looking forward to reading them.

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