Monday, August 20, 2012


Self-publishing has made a huge statement in the publishing industry over the past several years due to the decline in the economy and the rise of the electronic books. Publishing has taken on a new look, and a new outlook.  The industry has had to revamp how they look at the author and publishing.

In reading what Rachael Gardner had to say, I was most impressed by these words, "embrace change or you're going to stagnate and fall behind."

It is true that the publishing industry is suffering, along with agents, but they are trudging forward like the rest of the world.  It is not just the publishing industry or agents' businesses that are suffering.  It is the economy as a whole.  Of course they are affected by the fall of the economy and the rise of the electronic generation of books.

As a writer/author, we all have had to figure out how to survive the changes hitting us hard simultaneously.  Writers have had to find a way to be recognized and not so easily tossed on the slush pile.  Writing better queries, improving our platforming, and improvising with new methods of self-publishing or traditional publishing.

Self-publishing is not vanity publishing.  Writing is a business, and whoever said we were vain to publish our works was down right ignorant.  Read what Telemachus Press and John Locke have to say about this very subject.

Marketing is key in any business and that is where blogging has become such a wonderful way to meet other people of like standards.  Sites like Goodreads, Twitter, Facebook, and other sources have come forth to assist one another in getting Indie and self-published books recognized.  Self-publishing has now entered the gate into finding success through eBooks, but still the task is daunting. 

Smashwords has made it easier if you are computer savvy.  Educating yourself with the technology of designing your own graphic cover and learning "How to" do all that is involved takes a lot of hours, but can be accomplished as many have already proven.  Thus, I say again, doing it yourself is not for the weary.

I used Telemachus Press to see me through the point of no return when I tried Smashwords alone.  They offered so much expertise and helped publish a professional book in the end.  The team they have to assist you through the process were all very professional and awesome to work with.  I enjoyed every step of the journey.

There are all types of roads that lead to the final destination of getting published.  Which road you choose is your decision, but I say, "Choose wisely my friends, and do your homework."  Writing is a job; your novel is a work of art; how you market it is another story in the making.  I chose Telemachus Press, and I truly believe that was the best method for me at the time.

No one wants to hurt the publishing industry.  We are all trying to find ways to succeed in what we believe to be the best method of business.  It is easy if you have the money to succeed.  It is harder to market yourself, but even publishers today are requiring you to do a certain amount of self marketing.  Face it, no one is going to know your book is out there unless you advertise it.

Blogging tours are a great way for Indie Author's to spread the word.  I've read several Indie books that I absolutely loved.  Face it, if you are an unknown, your chances of getting published are slim to none.  There are so many writers today and the publishing industry is inundated with queries.  We have to do what we have to do in order to succeed, if we believe in ourselves.  It is not Vanity to publish your own book.  That's a bunch of hogwash.  If you started your own floral business, or repair shop, would you be considered vain.  I think not.  Writing is a business.

Because of the turn of events over the past five years, authors look at publishing with a totally different perspective.  Whatever decision you make, or direction you choose, professionalism is key.  Write on.

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