Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Sands Beneath My Feet

I wrote this poem a year ago when working on my first novel. I would love to know what you think, since I'm not a poet.  I read it at a poetry reading given by my author friend, which was a first for me. My knees knocked, and my bones shook the very frame of my body.  I'm learning to speak before a crowd with more courage and self-discipline.  I would love to know if other writers experience the same emotions when standing before a crowd.  I've given talks for years and before hundreds, but the feeling never changes before the actual moment arrives.  How do you overcome this fear?  Does it ever go away?

The Sands Beneath My Feet

The warm sands beneath my feet I feel
As I walk upon the beach
When dry it soothes my aching soles
And cushions my walk so sweet

Now standing on the ocean shore
The sands release beneath
As the waves roll in and wash around
My now sinking feet

Leaving me to falter like a child
Whose steps are all so new
As I walk along the beach
And search the shores for you

But along the firm packed sand I choose
With footsteps that have gone before
The sand now solid beneath my feet
My path made more sure
Along the beach I walk
And search the shores for you.

Lead me not to sink below
The watery sands of the shore
But lead me through the sure-footed path
That I may now endure
The sandy beach I tread upon
Is warm and firm and secure

And finally my journey comes to an end
As the sun fades on the horizon
Holding tight your hand in mine
We walk along the ocean shore.

I'm not a poet, but I definitely would like an opinion.

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