Monday, April 15, 2013

M is for Moon

 People have been fascinated by the moon for thousands of years.

The moon is the most beautiful satellite to orbit our earth, and the only natural satellite. Also, it is the fifth largest planet in our solar system.  Scientifically a significant amount of information has been acquired from the rocks and samples taken since the first mission in 1968, including six more manned lunar missions by 1972. Since then, the missions to the moon are unmanned.

The moon's phases occur in a lunar month. Did you know the moon circles the earth more than once a day? The moon's phases affect the oceans tides, and then there are solar eclipses, and the list goes on.

Calendars, mythology, culture, and astrology all involve the moon. Some of this I find to be very intriguing, but as a writer I prefer the romantic vision of the moon.

In 1947, in It's a Wonderful Life, James Stewart tells Donna Reed when they are walking home from a dance that he would lasso the moon for her if that was what she wanted. Sounds corny now, but it was quite a romantic thought back then.

Unless you are a scientist, people still envision the moon as a romantic symbol.

Want a breathless moment...catch the full moon on the horizon.

I love the way the moon shines like a million crystals sparkling across the water's surface, and how it creates an illusion of a never ending road to anywhere.

I love the moon and all of its alluring magic. How about a Harvest Moon? A Winter Moon? A Summer Moon? There are so many ways to view the  moon. How do you see the moon?

 Or maybe the man and the moon.

 Or the man on the moon.

 How about a Science Fiction view of the moon? Add a wolf and what have you got?

Or a nursery rhyme? The Cow Jumped Over The Moon...


Heidi Mannan said...

Wonderful post! It does seem like so many important things throughout history have revolved around the sun and moon.

Sally @ Breaking Cover said...

The moon seems to shape our lives more than we imagine. A great post. Thanks.

Patricia Lynne said...

I had to look up moon cycles for a werewolf story and found out the full moon only last about 2 hours.

Kathy Collier said...

Wow Patricia I didn't know that. That is awesome information. I love the internet.