Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Another Day, another chance to rewrite and create the most awe-inspiring novel. Today is the day, the chance to start or finish what you began. You must never give up.

Today, I would like to ask everyone what they thought about Nathan Bransford's wonderful advice that he doles out to each of us daily on improving our writing methods and great advice of "pitfalls" to avoid. Of course, everything he writes are mistakes I seem to have made along my journey into the publishing world. By the way, Nathan, you are the best.

So, my question is what are you doing to avoid the "pitfalls" to have your query letter or pitch or novel read, and not thrown into the "slush pile?"

Come on "BRING IT TO THE TABLE". Let's help each other find the best ways to get noticed and published. Advice welcomed, no one will be left unheard at this table.

Good luck with your writes and rewrites.

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Beth Barany said...

Rereading your work aloud will help catch many, if not all, typos! I do this as often as I remember, which is still not 100% of the time. :-)