Friday, March 26, 2010


It wasn't that long ago we were all writing with the hope of publishing. We must write well, with pizzazz and with good prose. We must remember to do this and do that, and keep within the word expectancy, and know what is going on. We must be willing to platform ourselves, to be marketable. We must, we must, we must be professional, and conduct ourselves accordingly. We must be willing to learn and change with the times. We must be teachable, bendable, willing to comply with the new era of the publishing industry.
The competition is ferocious and we must be willing to accept rejection. Eventually, someone will see the good in our work and our words. We must be able to believe in ourselves and have hope to excel--if we do not, we have nothing.
It wasn't that long ago when the publishing industry thought they had it all figured out, and the changes began, and they had to bend with the times. We must be willing to bend with them, and to not give up hope that we, as writers, authors, agents, editors, and publishers will be strong, and have the hope and courage to endure through the changes, and come out on top having survived the turning point in the way our industry decides our fate in the 21st century world of publishing a well-written novel where we can all benefit, including the reader.
Tell me the changes you have seen or have had to conform to in order to get your book known; from agent to publisher, or self-publishing.
By the way, for all interested, check out Nathan Bransfords blog on self-publishing. It can be very enlightening. Come on BRING IT TO THE TABLE and let me know your opinion. Happy writing; may your journey be a good one.

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