Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Almost two years ago, I decided I wanted to write.  In the process I knew there would be a lot to learn, and I hungered for knowledge.  Since I began, I have read many instructional books, followed many agents and studied what it takes to make it in the publishing industry.  There is a lot of information that I have paid for and lot that has been offered freely on the internet.

Also there are many who are stumbling along the same path like me that have made it and have stories to tell, advice to help clear the path and make the journey an easier road to travel should said advice be heeded.  The problem is there is such a variety of opinions that it makes it difficult to decipher what to listen to and what to do.

My advice is to follow your heart.  Listen to that still small voice that tells you what is best for you.  There are so many different ways in this business to become successful.  If you know you have what it takes, and you are willing to overcome the hurdles and endure, then by all means dig your feet in and stand your ground. 

A true writer endures rejections, and figures out what it takes to get to the top.  It takes hard work, persistance, and endurance to make it.  It takes constantly learning and teaching yourself and writing, writing, writing to improve your skills.

It takes attending writer's conferences, taking courses, critique groups, twittering, facebooking, blogging, reading and good ole common sense.  "Just keep it simple stupid" is an old saying I've heard for years.  Don't bog yourself down in the mire of all the advice that is offered.  Use your head, follow your heart, remain professional. 

My mom used to always say, "Why should I give advice, when you are going to do what you are going to do."  I liked hearing her advice, but I liked having the freedom to choose what I thought was best for me.  So my advice to you is to get out there and teach yourself, and gain knowledge until you learn the process that is right for you to become successful.  If you persist, you will succeed.  Never quit, never say "never," and write your heart out.

This my friend is the key to success.  This is your journey.  If you never publish a thing, at least you travelled the road doing something you enjoyed.  Might as well enjoy this moment for this moment is your life. Write on my friends. 


Luke Raftl said...

Great advice! The start of every long journey is daunting. I have taken much comfort in the fact that there *are* many avenues to take, and it means that one rejection or path blocked does not mean that the others are shut as well.

It's hard work, clearly, but who really expected it to be easy? I'm just trying to keep in mind that at the end of the day it's all in my hands, and if I (and you, and we) keep moving forward and learning and improving eventually we will make it over the top.

Good luck again!

Barbara L said...

Same thing with blogging. There are so many "experts" who want to tell you how to do it right. I have decided I am doing it for me and will in my own stubborn way, do it my way.

j.s. lambert said...

I feel EXACTLY how you do about writing. Without a best stuff comes out when I am not "trying" to write. It is something I cannot explain. I cannot stand it when people say "you have to write this way", or "the poem you wrote must have" blah dee-blaugh amount of lines and whatever...
~Hank Bukowski
also...thanks for checking on me/ Things are looking brighter! I have posted some more poems on jslambert