Sunday, February 27, 2011


Today is Academy Awards Day.  Anyone watching?  These are the great performers that bring our books to life.  First, our imaginations come to life in our minds, then on paper.  Thanks to these great artists, many are able to see their life's works come to fruition. 
I think we should have an Academy Awards for the best writer's of the year.  Let the author's light shine for a day.  What do you think? 
Come on BRING IT TO THE TABLE; let me know what you really think?
We need an Oscar or Academy Award for the best author of the year, best book, best in all the genre's.  Who will it be?  Who are your favorites?  They can award the agent's and publishers too.  Afterall, they discover the talent and bring it to life for the author. 
So let's hear it for them as well.  It all starts with you, the writer, the agent, the publisher, the reader.  Hats off to all of you. 

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