Monday, April 18, 2011


Spring has sprung and Easter is upon us.  Time to refresh and renew.  In Florida, Spring has been in full bloom for some time now.  Looks like hot weather is next week.  Everything is once again green with lots of that yellow powder dusting our vehicles each day, oh the pollen.  Here in Navarre we have the most wonderful weather with a breeze blowing off the Gulf most everyday.

This week we have a poetry reading at Dwon's Restaurant.  Everyone is invited.  It is being hosted by the Arts Council of Santa Rosa County.
Next week I'm hosting for our book club in Pace, Florida.  Then there is some traveling involved and helping others with moving, and then there is time for my writing somewhere inbetween all the confusion of life.  Wish so much I could do all without sleep or food.

How is your writing coming along?  Tell me what you do each day to finish your novel.  How many rewrites do you usually have to do before you say, "Enough, it is done!"

I truly would love to converse with other new and experienced authors of like standards.  Please let me know how you are moving along, and how long it has taken for you to complete your novel(s).

Come on Bring It To The Table.  Let me hear from you.  Leave your comments below.

Happy Easter. 

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