Sunday, March 20, 2011


Hello Fellow bloggers.  Wow, when I read how long it had been since I posted last, I laughed.  Where does time go these days?  Used to be mostly old folks made that comment, because all they had was time on their hands and their lives were winding to an end; like a reel to reel it speeds up in the end.  Now I hear youth asking where has time gone.  There are so many distractions to buy our time.  So it is, we need to spend wisely the time we have on this earth, and you can also apply that time to how we spend it with the talents we choose to enhance or enlarge.
Writing is the talent I choose to spend my time, and lately I've been neglecting my blog, twitter, facebook, and even my emails in order to write.  Even though we get overwhelmed by trying to do it all, we still must prioritize and let some things go, because life does get in the way. 
We all must eat, sleep, and do normal daily activities.  Some of us have jobs, or are full-time mothers, or fathers, or some of us have school, or too many commitments to keep up with.  Whatever the issue may be, we still only have so much time within a day to figure out what is most important to each of us.
What is your true priority?  If all the above get in the way of writing, then maybe it is not your time to write.  Writing like any other business requires a commitment of time, and we must be willing to put forth that time and effort in order to succeed.  Commit or don't, that's your choice.  As for me, I choose COMMIT.  See you in the writing circle.

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