Monday, September 5, 2011


I finished the rewrite, finally, and I am pleased.  I cut out 30,000 words, which was a major undertaking, but I was willing to learn how.
The process has not been easy, but I've enjoyed every step of the way.  I never dreamed I would enjoy writing more than eating, sleeping and anything else that comes along.   Life does get in the way sometimes and it's hard to cross that veil into the fiction world again, but once I've crossed over I have such a wonderful time creating my story.

I'm working on my synopsis, and then will begin the query process.

So the questions moving around the pool table today are:

What are agents like?  How hard is it to get them to read your manuscript?  Is it really difficult to break into the publishing industry?  Tell me some of your experiences.  PLEASE.


Kris A. NewMan said...

Fellow campaigner here. I've cruised around your blog a bit. First, congrats on getting a manuscript ready. I have self-published only so I don't know about queries or agents, but I know how hard it is to let a piece go. I'll watch for more information on your book and when it's ready. Congrats to you! Enjoy the journey!

KSCollier said...

Thanks Kris. I just checked your site out, and your site is awesome. I would love to learn how to set up a better site. You have done great with the flash story.