Saturday, January 7, 2012

Let's Shout Out for 2012

I have to tell you there are great people out there in the Blogging World that are busy helping others promote their work.  One such person is (and I must tell you she is a real sweetheart) Dorothy Dreyer.  She promotes other authors/writers on her site We Do Write.  She sure knows how to make a person feel special and important in what they are doing.  She is a super, caring person, and I think she needs a real SHOUT OUT to let others know she is there.

Another great blogger that I admire is Rachael Harrie, a super sweet personality that is overworked and underpaid for her efforts to help others reach out and find one another in the blogosphere.  She brings other authors and writers together by organizing them in groups by genre's they write.  What another wonderful idea.  RACH WRITES is an awesome blog, and Rachael needs a real SHOUT OUT this year for her great contests and hard work.  YOU GO RACHAEL!

Another great site is The Write-Brained Network by Ricki Schultz, another blogging sweetheart.  She has worked hard to set up a network system for other writers and authors. I am only beginning to learn how to get around in this great network.

What great ideas these women have for bloggers like me.  They are quirky, sweet, intelligent and are fabulous writers themselves.  So I just wanted to give them a SHOUT OUT as Dorothy puts it in her interviews.

They deserve it.  APPLAUSE.  SHOUT.  STANDING OVATION.  Yay!

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Coleen Patrick said...

Yay!! I agree Rachael's Write Campaign is an amazing connection for writers.
Happy writing in 2012 :)