Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tagged by Elise Fallson

I've been tagged by Elise Fallson, and these are her 11 questions.

1. Dessert or Main dish?
    Main dish.  I rarely eat dessert, but if I ever did it would be New York Cheesecake.
2. coffee or tea?
    Neither, I prefer anything caffeine-free.
3. Biggest pet peeve?

    That would be someone cursing in public, especially when children are around.
4. Who inspires you to write?
    It all started with my English teacher, Mr. Dunn.  He was the most imaginable, inspirational       English teacher around, and he loved teaching and loved his students; an awesome man.
5. If you could speak a (another) foreign language which would it be?

    French is my favorite language.  I love the sound.  It is such a romantic language.  Bonjour.
6. Star Wars or Star Trek?

“If the pen is mightier than the sword, then what is the laptop? A light saber or a life saver?”
K S Collier

    Star Wars for sure.  Ask Hans Solo, he will know the answer to my riddle, do you?
7. The best gift you ever received.

    My children were the best gift(s) I have ever received.  What a blessing they are.
8. If you could go back and relive your high school years, would you?

    I would love to travel back in time to visit, but not to stay and relive; been there, done that.
9. A book you wish Hollywood had left alone.

     Eragon.  The movie left out several major plot elements. 
10. Strangest thing you've ever written a note on (e.g., random scrap pieces of paper, your hand..etc).

    It would have to be a napkin.  Had some thoughts for my book that I didn't want to lose, and wrote it on a napkin until I could post into my notebook.
11. PC or Mac?

    Last but not least.  PC.  I have a PC but would love an Apple MAC (someday).

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Elise Fallson said...

This was fun, thanks for answering my questions. And I've done the napkin trick too. When an idea pops into my head wrt writing I have to get it down fast! I've written on the back of receipts, bills, scrap paper, tissue paper (not the best)even tore up a paper bag while I was shopping!

KSCollier said...

Thanks Elise. It was fun. Now I have to pay it forward.

Tia Bach said...

I agree about Eragon, the book was so much better... but I tend to like my own imagined version of the movie better than Hollywood's in most cases.

Visiting from Group 3 (YA-All Genres). It's going to be a great campaign.

And if you love French, you need to hang out with Elise!

Margo Kelly said...

Great to know more about you! Stopping in from the campaign to say hi! :)

KSCollier said...

Hi Tia:

I didn't know that about Elise. I need to get busy and learn more. We had a death in the family and while I am in Houston, we will have a grandbaby born within the next week or two and then another daughter that I haven't seen in ten months is also coming to Houston. So I didn't get the chance to move the question forms forward. It seems everything happens at once.

Tia Bach said...

KS - Life does love to come at us all at once. Sorry for your loss. I hope seeing family is a balm. Congrats on the new grandbaby. Sending a virtual hug!

Christopher S. Ledbetter said...

Nice to read about you. Stopping over from the campaign.