Tuesday, April 17, 2012

O is for Own and Orient

Tahiti Honeymoon

Reflections in The Night

Walking along the beach their last night in Tahiti, the full moon glowed across the ocean's surface creating the illusion of an endless pathway to another dimension. The warm breeze rustled the pinnate leaves on the palm trees that lined the trail to the house; a peaceful sound.

"I would love to live here forever," Tommie whispered in Doug's ear as they walked up to the lanai from the beach.  She glanced out over the area north of the home from where they stood, "We could build a home here, and orient the front to face the water right over there."  She pointed towards the empty land next door.  

Doug smiled his irresistible smile, "Someday, my love, someday."  His blue eyes warmed her to the bone as he wrapped his arms around her, and they continued to stare out over the ocean as the moon illuminated the whitecaps rolling ashore.

He scooped her into his arms and said, "Let's enjoy now, we can discuss forever, tomorrow."  He kissed her passionately as they crossed the threshold to savor the last night of their honeymoon.

Whitecaps Rolling Ashore

Moonlit Pathway To Another Dimension

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