Thursday, April 19, 2012

P is for Powerful and Paul


"Powerful, man.  That was one powerful creature.  What the heck was that?"  Paul said.  He glanced around the wooded area that had once been thick with trees.

"It looks like a tornado passed through here," James said.  He surveyed the damage that cleared a path the breadth of six men wide.

The two men had been on the creature's trail for days now.  They were drawn to the stories told by the natives about a bear-wolf that lived in these parts.  With studies made in the past, the history never mentioned animals of this caliber. 

"Well, for sure the natives were telling the truth.  That much we know," Paul said.  "Come on, let's get back to the hotel.  We need more equipment to track this thing."

James agreed.

After days of preparation, they were ready to enter the wooded area where the creature had last been spotted.

"We'll camp here tonight," Paul said

Skittish, the natives helped to prepare the camp, and left in a haste before dark.  This would be the night of a new moon, and they weren't hanging around.  Over many centuries myths had been told about strange creatures lurking on the islands, especially during new moons.

After Paul and James settled in, they decided it best to retire early and get some rest.  After all, if the myths were true, then they were in for a long night.

The ground shook, and awoke James with a start.  "Wake up, wake up, Paul."




Francene Stanley said...

These animals all look fericious. I wouldn't want to sleep with them roaming. Blog on!

Pat Carroll Marcantel said...

Interesting post. You put us into place immediately. Thanks for stopping by my poetry blog and leaving a comment. Always appreciated.