Friday, April 20, 2012

Q is for Quiqley

Quietly Quigley quivered as he sat watching the other animals run through the doggy park.

"Go play, Quigley.  They won't bite."

Frightened, he squirmed behind the pants leg of his owner, peeking around to see some very large dogs darting across the field.   Quigley weighed five pounds and stood maybe ten inches high.  Quigley's whole body shook violently.

His owner turned around, then gently picked Quigley up.

"Awe, they won't hurt you," she said.  She carried Quigley to a bench and sat him in her lap until his shaking calmed.

Quigley didn't miss a beat.  He watched them all run and play and then at the entrance to the park entered the most beautiful dog he had ever seen.  She looked a lot like him, only beautiful with pink hair on her head.

Quigley flew from his owner's lap and sprinted across the field, not noticing all the big dogs that frightened him earlier.  He ran right up to her and just stared.  He simply stood there, gawking.

The owner of the beautiful dog noticed Quigley's tail wagging, tongue hanging, and eyes bulging.

"Oh, you like my little Quiche?"

Quigley panted.

"Well, Quiche meet..."  He bent down and read the golden tag hanging from his collar.  "Meet Quigley."  Quiche quizzically stared up at her owner, then at Quigley.

"Go on, go play.  I'll be right over there, sitting on the bench."  She left the two standing together, and walked to sit next to Quigley's owner.

Once they quelled their quivers, they both quietly headed out on their quest to discover all the fun quirky places they could play.Quigley and Quiche became the best of friends.

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