Thursday, May 17, 2012

Awarded by Alyssa

I'd like to thank Alyssa from Life is Good for the beautiful Kreativ Blogger Award.  Check her out, she has a great blog.

Now for the rules:
1.   Thank and link back to the person who presented you with the award.
2.   Answer the ten questions below.
3.   Share ten random facts/thoughts about yourself.
4.   Nominate seven worthy blogs for the Kreativ Blogger Award.
What is your favorite song?
Time is Running Out  by Muse
What is your favorite dessert?
 Nutrisystem's New Ice Cream Sandwich
What ticks you off?
Listening to people in public curse at their children.
When you're upset, what do you do?
Which is/was your favorite pet?
My favorite pets are Tootsie (A Shorkie), and Snowman (A pure white Garfield)
Which do you prefer to wear, black or white?
I love white.
What is your biggest fear?
Dying before I've finished writing all the novels I would love to write.
What is your attitude mostly?
Positive.  I'm a go-getter, get the job done, endure to the end kind of girl.  
What is perfection?
Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost.  Heaven.  Living For Eternity with My Family.
What is your guilty pleasure?
Having the time to write until my heart's content, and escaping inside the world I create in my mind. 
Ten Random Things About Me:
1.  I love my husband with an eternal love.
2.  I love all of my children equally.
3.  I adore and love all of my 19 grandchildren.
4.  I love to water ski.
5.  I'm moving to the beach.
6.  I can't sing a note, no matter how much I try, but I sing anyway.
7.  I love walks on the beach at night.
8.  I'm a Dragon on the Chinese Calendar, and a Virgo on our calendar.
9.  My husband calls me Mrs. Chevy Chase from the Christmas Vacation movie. (Guess I can be a little eccentric)
10.  I like to watch people.  (Helps with character development)
Hope you enjoyed learning a little more about me with the random thoughts.
The Seven Lucky Kreativ Award Winners Are:
1.    Cherie Reich
2.    Pam Lofton 
3.    Nutschell 
4.    Jarm Del Boccio 
5.    Gina 
6.    Abhishek Boinapalli 
7.    The Writers Experiment 

Check them out.  They really are awesome and informative sites to visit.


Abhishek Boinapalli said...

Thanks for the award!!

Shall link back and answer the questions at the earliest!!

with regards
Another Author

Cherie Reich said...

Congrats on the award and thank you for awarding me with it!

And that's awesome you are a dragon in the Chinese zodiac. I'd love to be a dragon, although I'm okay being born under the year of the dog.

Gina said...

Congrats on getting the award, you deserve it. Aaand, of course, thanks so much for thinking about me. Sometimes I feel I'm talking to myself but things like this remind me there is someone out there enjoying what I do. Thanks for being that someone for me. =)

nutschell said...

Hey Kathy!
Congrats on getting the award and Thanks for passing it on. It sure made my day:)

Jarm Del Boccio said...

Thanks so much for the award, Kathy!! It may be a week or more before I get my post up, but, rest assured, I will do it, and include your link...I love your honest and open answers!