Monday, May 14, 2012

I'm digging into several projects and I feel like a puzzle with the pieces spread helter-skelter.  Eventually the big picture will all come together, but right now I am seeing chaos.  Packing boxes for the grand move on June 23rd.  Packed boxes stacking up, folded boxes heaped in a pile, papers laying nearby, well, you get the picture.

 I'm seriously digging into the sequel to The Veil, so papers and books spread everywhere around my work area.  Ahhhhhh!!!

What would really be scary is if I packed the dog and cat.

My escape from all of the craziness is my writing.  Oh how fun to escape into another world and write, write, write.  My brain gets a vacation from reality, and I don't want to come back.

So I'm truly on a mental vacation. Maybe when I come back to reality, voila, my house will be packed and next Saturday's garage sale will be over, and I will have sold everything.  Here's hoping!

Have a great Monday everyone.


Alyssa said...

Hey! I've given you an award over at my blog!!

Kathy Collier said...

Thanks Alyssa for this award. It is greatly appreciated.