Monday, April 22, 2013

S is for Sherry, My Special Friend



I'm in North Carolina as I type this post tonight. I arrived late last night after a 12-hour drive. Needless to say, I'm exhausted today.

Sherry and I became friends when we were seven years old. We are now quite a bit older, more than quite a bit. I haven't seen her in 14 years, but we've kept in contact via the internet or phone. She is having a major surgery on Wednesday, thus I came to assist her until she is able to care for herself again.

We have a bond between us that goes beyond this earth. It isn't a tangible bond, but spiritual as if we'd known each other before we were here. We are opposite in so many ways, yet alike.

So tonight I write 'S' for my friend, Sherry. It is my prayer that all goes well for her, and she heals completely. Breast cancer can be a scary thing, especially if you have to go under the knife without a friend nearby to see you through.

S is for Sherry
My Special Friend



Patricia Lynne said...

Yikes. Good luck to your friend. I'm sure she'll come out fine. That's awesome of you to go down to help her out too. That probably made it a lot easier for her to cope with knowing she's got you by her side.

Kathy Collier said...

Thanks, Patricia. She's quite nervous. Service to others never comes at a convenient time, but it always pays off in the end.