Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Good afternoon my fellow writers. The best conversations are heard around the table; the pool table that is. Reading in CreateSpaceResources recently, author Richard Wiles explains how to "Sell the Artist."
In order to sell your wares, you must be able to be confidant and sure of your art or work that you have produced. Also, to have integrity and believe in yourself in order to sell your wares. This is done through the internet, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, and other methods of marketing.
Writing is a business, and we have something to sell. It is difficult when the creative side of your mind wants to write and create, not sell. But to be a part of the publishing industry, we must be willing to sell ourselves as well as our art.
So basically a short recap; we must exude professionalism, believe in ourselves first and foremost, and secondly our product. It is important to create professional queries, pitches, cover letters, synopses, and anything the literary agent is seeking. We must be willing to prove we can be successful as well as creative.
Many writers are shy and feel they can't sell, but by persistance, belief in your writing, and a little bit of enthusiasm, you will succeed. So don't get discouraged--rejections are normal--hard work always pays off. If you have anything to offer come on BRING IT TO THE TABLE.

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