Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Nathan Bransford is the absolute greatest when it comes to keeping us updated on the "War of the electronic books versus the hardcopies." Only time will tell all. We can guess and predict what will happen, but the true outcome lies in the future.

Even though we are in a recession/depression, we turn to our books for enjoyment and escape. Authors not only continue to read, but write. If we continue to write, they will read.

Is it true that self-publishing may be the new answer to getting first-time authors on the roll? I don't think so. I still believe patience, hard work, endurance and persistance are the key factors to success in this business.

Continue to educate yourself, write, write, write, and definitely lots of reading are the formulas for making it to the top. As Zig Ziegler wrote "It's time to get rid of stinkin' thinkin'." We need to stop worrying about the "what if's" and start doing "what it takes" to make it to the top.

I'm working hard to learn this business, and taking a creative writing class is helping. Have a great day all you writers out there, and should you have any thing to say about the publishing industry and it's future, BRING IT TO THE TABLE. I will certainly listen.

Kathy Collier-Mehl

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