Saturday, July 10, 2010


During the past year I have been really busy writing, writing, writing. My first novel has gone through several rewrites, and I am tossing around a few changes to deepen the plot. The writing part is the fun part. I am also writing novel two. I love the first writes the best, and then comes the work.
Pursuing publication, platforming, writing the best queries, synopses and one-liners to draw the attention of the best agents in order to become a published, successful author. Numbers is indeed important in the publishing industry. They look at the sales production, because after all, money is the number one purpose of publishing your book. Will it sell? Will it be the next blockbuster?
Publishing a new writer's work is a risk until the writer gets theirself known and has a guaranteed audience. We must be willing to work hard, have the determination to succeed, and the panash to get out there to sell the heck out of that book.
Well, I have the kahoonies to do it all, and the dogged determination to make the sales a publisher would be interested in making. I have the twenty-four-hour a day determination to do what it takes to sell my book. I've been in sales before, and I understand what it takes to make it to the top. Even though writing would be my first and foremost love, selling would run a fun second for me.
So all of you publishers out there, look out, because I am ready, willing and able to pursue my future with you, and have the humility to do as I am directed. I've been learning what it takes, and I am willing and almost ready novel-wise to pursue the direction of successful publication. Anyone out there with advice on the newbie process, please feel free to BRING IT TO THE TABLE, and I will be happy to listen.

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